Dec 2017 Update

Dec 2017 Update
Dear Friends,

Throughout 2017, I’ve continued to stand up against special interests to do what is right.

Sometimes that means speaking uncomfortable truths to fellow legislators – such as saying we have NOT fully funded education, or that it’s wrong to keep legislator’s records secret and exempt from the Public Records Act. After all, you deserve to know if your legislator spends most of their time with the corporate lobbyists seeking to keep or expand tax loopholes.


I’ve led efforts to:
  • Expand access to the opportunities of high education in our state:
  • Lower class sizes, increase our high school graduation rates, reduce overcrowding in Seattle Public Schools, and successfully lift the cap on how many students the state will fund for Special Education;
  • Stop e-cigarette companies (owned by big tobacco) from selling to, and addicting, our youth; and to set limits on how much lead can be in our children’s school water;
  • Protect our environment and health, including from air pollution from the asphalt plant here in our district along the shores of Lake Washington in Kenmore; and to stop the outright sale of the center of St. Edward State Park;
  • Close massive tax loopholes and make our tax system more fair so we can pay for schools, health, and higher education.
In a few short weeks the days will begin getting longer and I’ll be in Olympia working hard for you. Thank you for your support.
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Representative Gerry Pollet


PS Watch my Facebook page for dates and places for my upcoming Traveling Town Hall Meetings. I’ll be scheduling them for most Saturday mornings, 10-noon, during the session, at local coffee shops and meeting spaces. These are drop-in events where you can come to discuss any bill or topic.
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