Gerry is the long-time director of Heart of America Northwest, the region’s highly honored leading citizens’ group working for the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation – the most contaminated area in North America.

Gerry has shown it is possible to have 100% pro- environment and 100% pro-labor records in the Legislature, bringing together worker protection and fairness alongside investing in a clean environment. Gerry is endorsed by many environmental leaders and Washington Conservation Voters. The Seattle Times called Gerry “an environmental stalwart in the region.

He has led two ballot initiatives to stop the federal government from using Hanford as a national radioactive waste dump, and led the successful efforts to protect the Columbia River by ending the dumping of radioactive wastes in unlined ditches. Gerry has spent years working to protect workers at Hanford from exposure to deadly chemicals, such as beryllium, and radiation. This experience has enabled him to lead legislative efforts to improve workers compensation for workers exposed to deadly substances.

Building on years of experience working to cleanup Hanford and other toxic waste dumps, and as a faculty members at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health, Gerry has developed and introduced ground breaking, first in the nation legislation, including:

  • to protect our children from toxic substances in the used tire crumbs in soccer fields and playgrounds
  • protecting our health from untested chemical food additives and food grown in sewage sludge
  • promoting investment in conservation and renewable energy to fight climate change. Gerry is a strong supporter of Washington adopting a carbon tax in our effort to lead the nation in fighting climate change.

Protecting Our Environment in Seattle, Lake Forest Park and Kenmore
Our District faces unique and difficult environmental challenges: Gerry has been a leader in our community to protect our environment in Seattle, Lake Forest Park and Kenmore for many years:

  • Leading efforts to preserve trees and streams, including amending the law to ensure that downstream impacts of large developments on flooding and habitat are considered
  • Exposing the radioactive contamination left by the Navy at Magnuson Park, formerly the Sand Point Naval Air Station, and fighting to force the Navy to clean it up
  • Working to protect the health of our children and the environment of Lake Washington from highly toxic dioxins in north Lake Washington near Log Boom Park, and from the toxic fumes from the Kenmore asphalt plant
  • Representing community groups and organizing to prevent flooding and habitat destruction from large developments upstream from Kenmore and Lake Forest Park
  • Advocating for improved transit service, and providing funds for sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Leading the successful efforts to fund a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over I-5 to serve the Northgate Transit Center and North Seattle Community College.
  • Gerry has lead the effort to eliminate toxic and noxious air pollution from the asphalt plant along the Burke-Gilman trail and Lake Washington shoreline in Kenmore. He has introduced legislation and worked with the City of Kenmore and Clean Air Agency to regulate the plant which as no emission controls.
  • The State Parks Commission would have sold the heart of St. Edward State Park to a hotel developer, except that Gerry stepped in. He wrote legislation requiring any redevelopment of the Seminary Building had to be done with a lease preserving environmental protections. Gerry also continues to champion creation of an environmental education center in the redevelopment.

Here’s a sampling of views of what environmental leaders have said about Gerry:

“I strongly support Gerry Pollet continuing to serve in the House as a champion for protecting our environment. Gerry brings valuable experience to the House Environment Committee, including having helped draft and pass some of our most important environmental protections in Washington, such as our Growth Management Act and hazardous waste cleanup law. Gerry adds a focus and understanding of the details of environmental protection and diligent hard work to the House Environment Committee.”

-King County Council Member, former Representative and former Chair, House Environment Committee, Dave Upthegrove

“Gerry understands and advocates for the needs of conservation groups for public involvement in addition to being a champion protecting the health of our communities and rivers.”

-Brett VandenHeuvel Executive Director, Columbia Riverkeeper*
(*organization and title for ID purposes only)


“Gerry thinks globally and acts locally.”                          – former Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata

“Gerry Pollet has proven to be an effective champion in the Legislature for cleaning up and protecting Puget Sound, working for clean water and to protect children’s health. It is important to keep Gerry’s knowledge and unmatched background in the Legislature.”

-Kathy Fletcher, Founder and former Exec. Director, People for Puget Sound*
(*organization and title for ID purposes only)

“Gerry was the lead legislator working to restore public involvement opportunities and support for environmental and citizen groups at toxic waste sites and working for cleanup of Puget Sound and other waterways. Gerry has done a great job in his first term as a WA State legislator. He’s proven his worth. We need to keep him in the Legislature working on our behalf.”

-Darlene Schanfald, President,
Olympic Environmental Council* and NW Toxics Communities Coalition*
(* organization and title for ID purposes only)