Healthcare & Reproductive Rights

Keys to Effective Healthcare
People who could not get health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, children up to age 26, and 200,000 other Washington residents have health care coverage because of the Affordable Care Act. But, costs and deductibles have kept escalating for many.

We need to act here in Washington, not wait for gridlock in DC to break. We should recognize access to quality health care as a fundamental right held by every resident. I believe this should be in our state Constitution.

We can control costs – starting with the 1/3 of all your health care dollars that go to insurance administration.

Gerry has worked side by side with our front-line health care providers – nurses, aides, technicians… – on behalf of fair and adequate staffing standards to protect patient safety.

Family Planning and Reproductive Rights
The current ‘war on women’s health unfolding nationally highlights the importance of these reproductive and family planning issues at home. Year in and year out, I fight hard to retain funding in our state budget for family planning services.  I was also a cosponsor and advocate of the Reproductive Parity Act, which would have ensured that insurance plans offering maternity care also provide reproductive health, contraception, and abortion coverage.

I continue to work to fund health clinics in our high school and middle schools, with full access for students to birth control and reproductive health advice. And, incredibly, we still have to fight to ensure that every student in Washington is provided medically accurate sex education in our public schools.

I continue to lead efforts to ensure that medical students in our state are not denied the training they need in women’s reproductive health care,including birth control and abortion choices (and also end of life choices) because so many medical school clinical partners are now under control of religious health care organizations.

I’m very proud to have participated in helping the Legislature to pass into law early implementation of the Washington healthcare exchange and other key aspects of the federal law in Washington. I worked to ensure that high-deductible, low-cost plans were not offered in a discriminatory manner outside the exchange to “cherry pick” healthy, younger people, and ensure that insurers charge the same premiums inside the exchange as for those policies sold outside.

To fully reform and control costs, and provide every Washington resident with their rights to access quality health care, I believe we should work for a single payer system in Washington.

Gerry’s endorsements tell the story.

Gerry has the support of dozens of healthcare workers throughout the 46th District, in addition to the following organizations:

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington –  100% Pro-Choice Rating and endorsed in 2012, 2014 and again for 2016!WStateNursesAssoc